Friday, February 3, 2017

Our Moringa / Malunggay Farm - Grass Clearing Day

The farm workers have been doing a lot of clearing in the farm. The first plan is to clear and prepare 1 hectare of land first before we clear the other areas, so we can start planting malunggay seedlings. Unfortunately, out of the first 170 cuttings that we planted as perimeter fence, a lot of them were infested were termites. We are left with only 33 surviving cuttings. I think we have to keep this in mind next time we decide to plant cuttings again. We need to find a way and research some more so that the next cuttings won't be infested by these little pests.

See that cutting? That's only one of the surviving cuttings from the original 170 that were planted. It's exciting to see new branches springing out!

Some of the cogon grass collected will be used as roof for the shelter.

To speed up clearing, some grass that were completely dry were burned.

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