Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Four Months After the Fire

It's been almost 4 months after the fire that razed our farm, and we are just thankful that the leaves from the remaining moringa trees and our other plants have started to grow again.

As I've mentioned in our previous post about the fire, we needed to aggressively replant in order to have enough supplies that we can sell on our online shop on Shopee MalunggayLife as well as on our website

Our moringa trees were the ones that were most affected, but still, we are hopeful as we see some branches growing from the remaining trees.

Our lemongrass have grown back pretty well.

Some of our trees, like our Banaba and Mulberry trees have also started growing more leaves. We've even been able to harvest from the remaining 24 Banaba trees in the farm, and I have had a taste of the first berries of our Mulberry tree. 

We've also been planting more hibiscus (roselle) plants as they grow quite well on our farm's soil.

We've had a lot going on both in the farm and in our manufacturing facility during the past years. We're hoping and praying this year will be a better year for us.

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