Thursday, April 20, 2017

Malunggay Life Goes Organic! - Day 3

It's Day 3, and it's more hands-on training on organic farming. We arrived earlier this time and saw that the staff was already busy preparing the materials we will be using to make organic fertilizer and pesticides. This was much more fun than yesterday's training because we actually learned the ingredients we needed to make our own organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Everyone was busy preparing the ingredients to make organic fertilizer tea and pesticides.

All smiles before we start with today's organic farming hands-on training. :)

Ms. Gene, the expert in organic farming, explaining something about some of the ingredients we used today.

Our workers trying their hands at making the first organic fertilizer with the assistance of Ms. Gene.

We keep our hands busy preparing other organic fertilizers.

Preparing fermented fruit juice. That's not juice for drinking, but a kind of organic fertilizer.

Our loot for the day. The DA office gave each participant two free bottles of trichoderma. Since four of us participated in their organic farming seminar, we got 8 bottles. Yay!!
We were tired, but glad that we requested for this organic farming seminar and certification. The seminar was all informative and fun, but most of all, it was FREE, and they promised they'd give us a certificate of attendance. Ms. Cacal and Ms. Gene told us that once the Palawan Agricultural Center receives their organic farming certification, they will start collecting fees for their seminars. They are expecting for their certification within the 2nd quarter of this year. I would be glad and excited to attend more seminars from them if they will offer more this year and the coming years.  

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