Friday, July 14, 2017

How to Make Natural Organic Fertilizers for Moringa

Agriculturists live by the motto "Do not feed the plant; feed the soil." The same is our guide when applying fertilizers to our moringa farm.  We believe that taking care of the soil is important in producing good quality moringa leaves and seeds.

Also, instead of chemical fertilizers, we use various soil enhancers such as vermicompost, animal manure, carbonized rice hull, and other organic fertilizers.

After attending  the organic farming seminar conducted by the Department of Agriculture in Palawan, we have been making our own organic fertilizers for our moringa farm. I have already made a separate blog post about how to make carbonized rice hull, so now I am going to share with you some of the organic fertilizers that we make and use to provide more nutrients for our moringa plants.

Here are our workers making fish amino acid (FAA). FAA is a foliar fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen and other essential minerals. We use any available fish and fish innards and combine them with brown sugar or molasses. 
Here, they are making fermented fruit juice (FFJ). FFJ increases moringa plant nutrition and speeds up its growth. FFJ is made up of sweet fruits combined with brown sugar or molasses.
The workers are making fermented plant juice (FPJ). FPJ helps fertilize the soil and adds potassium through the roots and leaves of the moringa plant. It also  speeds up plant growth. We have a lot of madre de cacao trees growing in our farm, so we use the leaves of this tree, along with ipil leaves and chopped banana shoots, and combine it with brown sugar or molasses.
Once these natural organic fertilizers get fermented, we mix them in water and use them when watering our plants.

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