Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dried Moringa (Malunggay) leaves

After pruning some of our taller moringa (malunggay) plants, I asked the workers to harvest some of the branches so I can dry the moringa leaves. 
We chose green moringa leaves and discarded those leaves that are damaged or have signs of yellowing.  Moringa leaves should be dried quickly and away from direct sunlight and dust.
Immediately upon harvest, we washed the moringa leaves in water with salt solution to get rid of dust, insects, and other microbes before washing them again in clean water. Then, we hung them in bunches to make it easier to strip the moringa leaves off the stems.

After a few days, the moringa leaves are dry and it is easier to shake off the dried moringa leaves. We use a net with a mesh so that the leaf petioles fall off and separate from the dried moringa leaves.

The leaves are ready for pan-roasting to make dried moringa leaves tea. I have kept some that I will turn into moringa powder, which we will make into moringa capsules next time.
Dried moringa leaves have a dark green color, and they have a nutty smell.

Here's a more vivid and clearer picture of the dried moringa leaves.


  1. may i know where do u sell your moringa dried leaves?

    1. Hi. We are not selling them yet. These leaves were taken from the first moringa trees that we pruned. We will start selling once we have already finished constructing our drying facilities for the moringa leaves. Please visit my blog again as I will be posting more updates. Thank you!