Monday, February 28, 2022

A Fire Razed Our Farm...

February 28, 2022. 

It is a depressing day for us as our farm caught fire AGAIN. This is the second time we had fire in the farm, (the first one sometime in March 2019) and what's more frustrating is that we do not know where the fire started. 

We can only assume that the fire was started by: 1) those people who practice "kaingin" or slash and burn farming, or 2) people living nearby our farm who own goats or carabaos because they need "new grass" for their livestock.

I am just thankful that none of our staff was in the farm when the fire started. It was a Sunday, and my staff just reported it the next Monday morning when they came to our farm for their regular work week. Thankfully, the house for our farm staff was not damaged by the fire. We built a house for them last 2020 so they can sleep in the farm from Monday to Friday.

Upon checking our farm tree/plant inventory, out of the 7,000++ trees and plants we have in the farm, only 1,000++ remain.

We'll have to aggressively replant in order for us to have raw materials for our production supplies.

                    These are our lemongrass plants. Nothing left. All burned to the ground. :(

      This is what's left of our 4-inch water pump, the one that we use to draw water from our well. We can no longer use this.

Even our fertilizer shed was not spared. The remaining compost, animal manure, etc. that we still have in stock were all burned, as well as the shed housing our fertilizer stock.

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