Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to Prune Moringa Plants

Pruning the malunggay tree is essential so that harvesting moringa leaves is well within our grasp. When left to themselves, moringa trees can easily grow up to 30 feet tall, and it would be impossible to harvest the leaves. Malunggay trees love to be chopped, so we're going to prune some of the first moringa seedlings we've planted 2 months ago.  

The moringa tree is about 60 cm tall now.
We're snipping about 10 to 20 cm of the branches to encourage more foliage.

One of the basic rules when pruning moringa plants
is to trim them to a height you can easily trim them back.
Another important thing to remember when pruning malunggay trees is that they have to be pruned always from the top. Moringa plants must be trimmed this way, or you will have to harvest your moringa leaves way up above your head! There is no such thing as "overpruning" Moringa plants. :)

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