Tuesday, July 14, 2020

More, More Moringa Harvest

Mixing the moringa leaves while they are air dried is important so the leaves will dry easily.
It's finally rainy season! Rainy season for us means more moringa leaf harvest. More leaf harvest means more moringa dried leaves and powder that we can process further into various products.

Harvest day. This is just one of those days when we harvest moringa leaves....
This is Jemboy busy getting leaves that will be further sorted by our leaf sorters in the processing facility.
Moringa leaves still attached to the stems. They will be placed in the plastic crates afterwards.
Moringa harvest now being loaded to our three wheels.
Careful unloading of freshly harvested moringa leaves from the farm.
Gle, our farm staff unloading the harvested moringa leaves. The sorting ladies can't wait to get their hands on those leaves!
The leaf sorters now busy at work sorting bad moringa leaves and stripping the good ones.
Moringa leaf sorting and stripping in progress
Serious at work. Look at how fresh those moringa leaves are!
Moringa leaf harvest on another day.

Moringa leaves are mechanically dried using a dehydrator after air drying them.
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