Friday, July 21, 2017

Renovation of Malunggay Life's Farm Shelter

We've done some renovations on our farm shelter to accommodate the new farm workers who started working for us since the second week of June. They asked us if they can stay and sleep in the farm because it is inconvenient for them to go home every day. 

The picture above is the completely renovated shelter. For pictures of the old shelter, you may visit my blog post "Making the Shelter for our Workers at our Moringa/Malunggay Farm."
The new farm workers (except the guy wearing the green shirt) who started working for us this June. From left-right: Mang Cris, Glery, Jimboy, and Edward.


Meanwhile, you might be interested to know how loads of bamboo were brought to us. We bought them from a Tagbanwa, one of the oldest ethnic group in the Philippines and can be found in Palawan. Nope, he did not carry them one by one as that would be one tough feat! He delivered the bamboo we needed for the renovations using his carabao and sled, called "karosa," which is also one of the primary means of transportation used by farmers here in Palawan.

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