Saturday, July 22, 2017

Moringa (Malunggay) Farm Weeding

It's been two months since we transplanted our moringa (malunggay) seedlings, and they are growing fast and growing well! But, the weeds are growing, too, so we have to do some cleaning and weeding. Weeding in the moringa farm must be done regularly, as the weeds will compete for nutrients, especially nitrogen. Moringa trees will also produce fewer leaves, and leaves may begin to yellow especially at the base of the plant if the moringa farm is not weeded properly and regularly.
Here's how our moringa farm looked like before we started weeding.
It's already the rainy season here in the Philippines, so the weeds are growing really fast!
Weeding in progress

Moringa plants grown in rows! 

After weeding, we leave the weeds on the soil.
After cutting the weeds, we leave them to rot on the soil as they can help enrich the soil. It also helps reduce water evaporation, especially during the dry season.
Here's our farm worker covering some of our moringa plants with weed mulch. 

Weeding done!
I'm praying that our moringa plants will grow healthy and produce good foliage. We are planning to prune the moringa plants again before the end of July or first week of August. We are expecting to get our first batch of dried moringa leaves by that time, and hopefully, some moringa powder, too!

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