Saturday, June 29, 2019

Effect of Rainy Season on Moringa Trees... and other farm updates!

Due to the extended dry season this year, we weren't able to harvest a lot of leaves during the past months. With the rainy season finally on its way and with the southwest monsoon during the past few days, our moringa trees are once again healthy and producing many leaves. 
With the onset of the rainy season, we may be able to harvest about 80-100 kilograms of fresh leaves per month and more after we plant more trees this year.

Some of our trees still bear moringa fruit. When these fruits dry up, we can use them again for planting more trees.
Our lemongrass, one of our natural ways to control pest in the farm, 
is also growing fast! Thanks to the rains
This is our vermicomposting area where we take care of vermiworms.
We have four vermicomposting beds where we prepare 
the worms' food in advance.
Look! A baby worm!

Our farm worker harvesting the first worm casting

We don't want our "babies" to go hungry, so we plant banana trees and madre de cacao in the farm and prepare them as food for our worms. 

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